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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

For this assignment, you will develop a brief written plan in response to a case study. Select ONE of the two case studies in this document. As the supervisor, you will write up a plan on how you would address the issues present in the case study. Identify what ethical issues are present and how you will address them. Identify which SUPERVISION MODEL you would utilize and why you feel that is the best model. Using your textbook and other literature, write out a plan for how you would address the issues as the supervisor/consultant. Ground your approach in your chosen supervision/consultation model. This may be atleast 3 PAGES, and include a mix of paragraphs and bullet points. This assignment should be written in APA format and must include scholarly references. The expectation at the graduate level is to demonstrate academic writing skills and to seek the literature when faced with gaps in knowledge/understanding.

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