Chicago Style Essay writing 5-6 pages long, not including notes and bibliography

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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

here is what my English course instructor requires to write an Essay on PostCOVID-19 

“In the near future, Year 1 PCV19 (Post-COVID19)to be exact, a handful of survivors have decided to compile a history of the virus’s progress from various angles.  It has fallen to you to cover the first few months of the pandemic with your focus on the ways in which humor functioned during the initial stages of the crisis. Fortunately, you still have the Internet, so late-night monologues, memes, stand-up routines, song parodies, etc., are all still available for your research.  You can also investigate previous pandemics—the Black Death (1346-53), the Spanish Flu (1918-19)—for instances of humor as a means of dealing with past pestilential catastrophes (e.g., Boccaccio’s Decameron). You will also have the sociological, psychological, anthropological, and philosophical research that had been done on humor before the outbreak. And, of course, you can even draw upon your personal experiences of social distancing, quarantine, and fear.


Your goal will be to arrive at a coherent history of humor in the early months of the pandemic, one that accounts for how the comedic response evolved from January 10 to April 1, 2020 and how its trajectory illustrates/verifies one or more or all of the philosophical theories of humor and how it does/does not fulfill the predictions of prior research. Some helpful questions:


–Did the subject matter/tone of COVID19 related humor change over the 3 months in question?  How might you account for that?

–Did the apparent subject matter coincide with the real subject matter, or did the former in some way screen out/distract from the latter?

–Was there much pandemic humor in the past? If so, how is it similar to ours? How different? If not, how do you account for that?  What historico-cultural shifts make humor a viable means of coping now but not, say in 1346 or 1918?

–Were there any evident variations of pandemic humor in regards to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc.?  Did the humor cooperate with or critique the dominant ideology (in the Žižekian sense)?

–Could you detect a time when humor began to seem less effective or increasingly inadequate to the task?


You do not need to address all of these questions in your paper; they are offered only as catalysts for thought.  In fact, you will want to focus as narrowly as you can.  Do not try to tackle all of the humor; limit yourself to memes, or stand-up, or late night, etc.)


Your essay should be formatted in the Chicago Style. It should be 5-6 pages long, not including notes and bibliography.  As for the notes, you should use endnotes rather than footnotes.”

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