Concert Reflection Paper

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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

You do not have to discuss every piece on the program, but you should discuss 3-5 pieces or movements.  It is preferable that these pieces are of a different character.

I do not only want to hear whether you like a piece or not.  I want you to talk in the musical terms we discuss in class (melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, etc.).  You can discuss your opinions about the piece but back them up with musical critiques.  

Example of poor critique:  I didn’t like this piece because it was boring. (why was it boring?)

Example of acceptable critique for the same comment: This piece did not capture my attention because there was a lack of dynamic contrast, and very few changes of texture.

Use complete sentences and paragraph formatting.  You will be graded mostly on content but significant grammar and spelling concerns will adversely impact your grade.

The required length is two pages, double spaced.

The concert I had in mind was this –

Due May 2nd

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