Counselling session portfolio (template)

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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

Very important we meet the deadline – will be very ideal if the tutor has done a template before which is attached to the instructions in the document.

What needs to be done.

Counselling and coaching student – that is what this work is for.


1, the template needs to be filled out in accordance to the clients case study – as to what brought him to counselling

2, lots of hypotheses- are to be used, but also very realistic in accordance to the clients problems

3, APA referencing

4, leave the details of the client for me to fill out

5, case study overview- is attached to the document that says what brings you to counselling.

6.An ethical and professional overview based on the student’s reflective practice, which identifies best practice in a healthcare setting (500 words)  – Needs to be written separately attached to the template



What brings you to therapy? (James – client’s name)

I have been having issues with my relationship, I am still dealing repercussions of being on Grindr since 14 and last year having a sexual abuse attack, dealing with lockdown and health. My relationship with my phone/ Instagram.


Just a few things I don’t want to forget before our session in terms of talking points. 


1. This idea of missing Jordan is actually way harder than I thought 

2. This idea of being independent after a year of being together 

3. Finally the idea that I will want to fill this hole I had with Jordan with undesirable and quick easy fun just to feel something and not actually feeling anything – ( basically my relationship with Grindr). 





Have you had any concerns regarding your mental health?

Sometimes but normally, I am a very happy and positive person.



Any suicidal thoughts: No



Are you currently on any medication? Yes – for my congenital heart disease


Saw online, saw you had a gay men’s group but I’d rather have a 1-1, but still wanted people who dealt with gay men’s issues.


Have you ever engaged in therapy before? Is so when? How long for? What was your experience?

Yes – in school -2009/10, Medical phycologist attached to my Congenital team at St Thomas Hospital – 2018

Local councillor -2019


Brief life history, significant events, brothers, and sisters, are the family still together etc.?

Was born with congenital heart disease at birth – 1997.

Mum and Dad divorce due to Dad cheating – 2012.

Sister moved out with long term boyfriend – 2018.

Moved back home from University – 2019

First relationship with boyfriend – 2020


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