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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

1. Choose only one component/one topic of your subject area and focus on that. Do not design your curriculum for several components of your subject area unless you feel you can keep track of everything included in your assignment and also you can keep to the word limit. What I’ve seen previously is that students who focus on several components, need to include too many details and end up going beyond the maximum number of words or not being able to clearly justify their pedagogical decisions.   

2. See the examples below for you to have a better idea of what I mean by topic:

·       For English: oral OR spelling OR sentence completion

·       For French: reading OR essay writing

·       For Math: addition of fractions OR subtraction of decimal numbers

·       For P.E: only one sport – let’s say, volleyball OR swimming OR javelin

·       For Biology: germination process OR movement of bones/joints

·       Etc.

You should come up with your own topic relevant to a particular grade level and focus on that. If you also want to ‘invent’ a topic, you are free to do so – what I mean is that, it’s not necessary that the topic you choose is one that teachers compulsorily teach at school.

If you are unsure or confused about your choice of topic, let me know and we can discuss.

If the word ‘topic’ is confusing for you, we can also say ‘chapter’ or ‘theme’.

3. I know I mentioned academic subject but if you wish to work on a non-academic subject, that is okay too. For example: photography; moral values, leadership, any extracurricular activity…

4. When I am talking about easing gender differences, I do not mean that there must be a gender issue with the content of the subject that you teach. I’m talking about the need to avoid gender issues in the classroom by means of the way teachers relate to students, how teachers smoothen gender issues among students themselves, how teachers choose instructional materials, how teachers present these materials to male and female students, etc. Easing gender issues happens in terms of the actions prevailing in class. Now, if you find one or more gender issues with the content of your subject and you want to talk about that too, that is okay.

5. Always remember that when you are writing, you are writing for someone else to read. So, what you write, should be very clear for the reader. Avoid complicated and long sentences. If a sentence is too long, break it down. Keep your work simple and beautiful.

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