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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

Project Desciption


Answer parts 1-3, word count must be from 250-300 words, there is a file attached to help with part 3

Part 1

Women started to play basketball almost immediately after Naismith invented the game. Women in the late 19th and early 20th centuries faced many barriers and limitations in their pursuit of participation in the sport of basketball.

Based on what you’ve read and learned via the videos, decide whether or not you think that women’s participation in early basketball continued to limit women’s participation in sports or liberated women to break the barriers that limited their participation and push for equality.  

Write a paragraph in the text box clearly explaining your decision.  Provide examples that support your decision.

Part 2

Discuss the following – Why do you think women were leading the charge and advocating against competitive sport for their own gender?  How do you think female athletes today would respond if their own coaches, teachers or administrators were trying to eliminate competitive sport?  Do you think 1920’s female athletes felt any different than 2020 athletes feel today?

Part 3

Which theory (or group of theories, i.e., nature, pyschological, biological, sociological, etc.) do(es) best explaining drug use?

attached file to help with part 3 

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