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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

I need an email server setup with Interspire for bulk marketing to a clean list. Hard bounces under 1% on this list.

I recently hired a vendor for this task. Please read so you do not make these same mistakes. The vendor rented a VPS which was too slow for this task. I received constant error messages because the server was too slow to process the task. The vendor also did not use enough IP addresses, so the soft bounce rate was very high, even though my content has a zero spam score. 

Your job will be to setup the server, install Interspire and monitor the performance of the server. You will deal with any spam complaints and rotate enough IPs to ensure delivery. My content is business related. I will load lists and manage all content. 

I will pay with two milestones; one when the server is available to me and properly working, and the second milestone after 30 days. I will not release the second milestone unless the work is completed to my satisfaction. If you demonstrate competency, I will have many ongoing projects for you.

Only reply if you are an expert on Interspire.

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