In what ways could a Taste of Honey be defined as a British film?l

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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

An important reminder:

Your line of argument in your essay needs to be solidly grounded in the films and literature on the module syllabus.

This is the case whichever question you choose, and however general an essay question may appear to be on first sight. Assignments are designed to assess your knowledge and understanding of the module content.  You can bring in discussion of films and literature outside of that on the syllabus, but this must only be in addition to what is on the syllabus, not in place of it.

You are expected to demonstrate progression in your coursework; i.e. what was sufficient for the first assignment would not gain the same mark for the final assignment.


This is because by the end of the module you are expected to have: broadened your knowledge of cinema through the module content; developed your observational and analytical skills through in-class viewing of films; deepened your engagement with critical concepts through reading and analysis of the literature on the syllabus; and honed your essay-writing through experience of undertaking the previous assignments

Primarly sources for essay


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The King’s Speech:


Gant, Charles (2011) ‘The King’s Speech: it’s a box office phenomenon – so why are popcorn sales down?’ in The Guardian, 18 January, <>

Honeycutt, Kirk (2010) ‘The King’s Speech – Film review’ in The Hollywood Reporter, 14 October, <>

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