must have degree in marketing-no one will be hire i will check for marketing degree

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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

As per the assignment criteria, the assignments are to be prepared and presented in a formal manner suitable for business. The structure and presentation of the assignments must to follow the assignment criteria. This is stated as part of the assignment criteria.

Assignment Outline:
As per the assignment criteria, you need to ensure all heading and sub-headings (questions and questions within questions) from the assignment criteria are included in each assignment.

Once you have included all heading and sub-headings, you then place your answers under the appropriate heading and sub-headings. If you do this you should not miss any required areas as you did in this assignment for future assignments. Also I will know what you are discussing where in the assignment.


Part 1: Marketplace Situation Analysis
At this point, I do not know what you are discussing where in this part of the assignment. You need to include the sub-headings from the outline for the Situation Analysis for each of the areas of the Situation Analysis. Once you have done that please place your answer under the appropriate sub-heading.

The outline for the Situation Analysis can be found in two (2) places. First, in Moodle under: Modules › Module 2: IMC Planning › Topic 2: IMC Planning & Situation Analysis you will find Figure 2.1 “Situation Analysis”. You need to click on the words (click for larger image) and bring up the outline for the Situation Analysis. In the assignment, you are required to discuss/speak to all the points included therein the Situation Analysis in your assignment. Second, you will also find a link to ‘situation analysis’ in the body of Assignment 2.

Part 3: Target Market Segments and Target Audience
Question 2: the target market segments need to be groups of consumers not a segmentation approach. Here you need to describe each of your target market segments using the five (5) types of segmentation variables from your course learning materials.

Part 4: IMC Objectives:
I recommend you review the readings in the course learning materials (Module 2 in Topic 5) as to the three (3) specific types of IMC objectives to guide the development of your IMC plan.

These three (3) types of objectives are very important. You will develop each one of them in greater detail as you work through the course


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