must have degree in psychology and gave work back on time

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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

Must gave to me at 10 pm canada today. Fix t Article summary using group chat

Upon the conclusion of the group discussion time, each student must then write a summary of the group article. This summary should include:

     A title page

     The name of the article you read Critical reflection: reflecting on learning to be reflective.

     The names of your group members

     When you met

     The answers that came up from the group members to the questions posed above

     The two questions you yourself brought to the group and the effect on the group discussion that these questions had

     A brief commentary on the group process –what factors helped to deepen it, what factors detracted from it? What was your role in either deepening or detracting?

     A well-edited 6-page paper written in APA format, 12-font, double-spaced in either Arial or Times New Roman.

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