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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

The next thing you need to do is to select two (2) direct product/model competitors. These products/model have to be the same as the Samsung Galaxy s10e…they each need to have the same features, attributes and benefits (FABs) as the Samsung Galaxy s10e.

(Need the direct product/model competitors )
****Must be only Samsung galaxy s10e . ***

Also do below

(1) individual specific consumer product.

Your product selection must meet the following criteria:
1. Select one (1) individual specific consumer product (i.e., physical) that has its own established brand and has two (2) established individual specific consumer direct product competitors.
2. Select a consumer product that is substantial i.e., important, size, worth, value.
3. Select a consumer product where there is easy access to information about the product’s marketing mix and in particular to its promotion and marketing communications mix.
4. Select a consumer product that is not a consumer product from a company you have been or are working for.
5. Select a consumer product that is of interest to you or with which you are familiar.
6. Select a consumer product that’s brand equity needs strengthening and its integrated marketing communication activities need improving.

In addition, the one (1) specific, individual consumer product (tangible) needs its:
• Brand equity to be strengthened
• Integrated marketing communications mix improved

An example of a correct product would be “New Balance Training FuelCore Agility v2” at $109.99. If you were to choose this particular product you would need to find two (2) direct competitors that have the similar features, attributes and benefits (FABs) as the FuelCore Agility v2 product.

Depending on the consumer product you select and the target market of this product, you may be able to visit retail outlets and other locations to explore how this consumer product is reaching its target market

***Don’t pick iPhone air pods***

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