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Posted on February 22, 2022


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I could not find a category for “personal training” so hence why I chose “communications” . Anyway.I need someone to help me with the “practical assignments” that are due on my online course. Here is an example of one assignment to give you an idea:
Prepare ONE referral letter for each of your three clients using the ‘Physician Referral Letter’ template provided. 
Across your three clients, you will need to prepare:
– 2 x referral letters for an allied of medical health professional (I.e Doctor)
– 1 x referral letter to a professional more highly qualified than a fitness instructor (e.g. Personal Trainer) 

*These referrals are only ‘mock’ referral forms and do not actually need to be ‘referred on’ to the relevant professional. 
*You do not need to fill out the section where it asks for the ‘professionals/practitioners’ details 

In order for you to complete these tasks I will give you access to my online portal where I will instruct you on what needs to be done. Any takers ? what is your offer? there are about 28 task’s in total!!! 

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