Outline for Treatment of AMD Site

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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

We are looking to create a treatment plan for the AMD at Powdermill Run (in Pennsylvania).

We want to use anoxic limestone drains (ALD), settling pond, and aerobic wetlands, and if further treatment is needed perhaps SAPS or ALD. We are looking to go through an abiotic passive remediation strategies. 

With that being said, I need an outline that explains the following:

What processes need to occur for the abiotic and biotic passive treatment facility to function AND why//how those processes have/need to occur. 

[Somewhere within the outline there should be chemistry (written out reactions) that have to occur for the pH to change AND for the precipitation of iron (as well as any other chemical process going on). 

Notes: We still want to use: ALD, an anoxic limestone drain, an aerobic wetland to oxidize Fe. We will want to ensure that the soil is neutralized and stabilized, we want to incorporate a settling pond and natural attenuation as well as come up with ways to protect the treatment facility from rain/flood/snow events.

I will provide a document which contains links to papers regarding this site, as well as background information. I will also attach screenshots of pdf’s that our class group came up with to help explain the design they want to take for treating the area within that document. 

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