Porters five forces

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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption


Question 1

Please provide detailed explanations for the following questions:

  • Discuss Porter’s Five Forces.
  • What is comprehensive income? Identify and discuss the items in the income statement that relate to comprehensive income after net income is calculated. use two in text citation that matches peer reviewed references.

Question 2

Please prepare an analysis of the automobile manufacturing industry using Porter’s five forces framework. Each component force provides support for your conclusion. In addition, at the completion of your analysis provide a conclusion, along with support, of whether you expect the automobile industry to report high or low profitability in the near future.


3.   Please read the following case and then respond to the questions that follow:


During 2018, Waggoner Company performed services for which customers paid or promised to pay $587,000. Of this amount, $552,000 had been collected by the end of 2018. Waggoner paid $340,000 in cash for employee wages and owed the employees $15,000 at the end of the year for work that had been done but had not paid for. Waggoner paid interest expenses of $3,000 and $195,000 for other service expenses. The income tax rate was 35%, and income taxes had not yet been paid at the end of the year. Waggoner declared and paid dividends of $20,000. There were no other events that affected cash.


Please provide answers to the followings:

a.   Prepare an income statement for Waggoner for the year (December 31 year-end).

b.   Prepare the statement of cash flows for the year (December 31 year-end) and state change in cash


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