Position paper • Topic: Drug Legislation, “America’s Unjust Drug War” (Michael Huemer):

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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

This paper has two parts. Each part should be clearly labeled with “Section 1: Summary” and “Section 2: Objection”. The first section should be roughly two double-spaced pages long. The second part should be roughly one double-spaced page long.  No late submissions will be accepted, period. So make sure you start this early!

Section 1: Summary. Pick one of the four author’s positions from the papers listed above. You should cover an article with which you disagree. For instance, if you choose topic #1, it should be because you think that casual sex is inherently morally wrong (i.e you disagree with Halwani’s position). Carefully summarize the article. Be sure to include at least one paragraph for each of the following:

  • Summarize the philosopher’s question
  • Define any key terms you will be using. If the author offers a definition, you should use that!
  • Summarize the philosopher’s main claim/position
  • Summarize the philosopher’s argument for his/her main claim

Section 2: Objection. In this section, you need to take a clear position against the main position summarized in section 1. In the first sentence, you should state what your position is and then use the rest of this section to defend it. The best offense will be a good defense! In other words, pick one (and only one) of your author’s premises and try to show why it is wrong. That’s all you need to do. NOTE: Every single one of these author’s considers possible objections to his/her premises. You are allowed to use these objections for yourself – but you need to cite where they are found in the text, and you should definitely explain why the philosopher’s response to this objection fails. For instance, Halwani considers the objection that casual sex always involves objectification – an activity that, according to the objection, is always wrong. If you make this objection (that objectification is necessary for casual sex and always wrong), then you need to explain why Halwani’s response to this objection fails.

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