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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

So I need a powerpoint presentation about a marketing issue. I already chose one which is gambling. If you think that this topic is not good or you need to change then feel free.

1. powerpoint should have 7 or more slides.

2. the powerpoint has to be 10 minutes long

3. reference required 

4. each slide should have images and text

5. roughly every slide should be 2 minutes

6. have a script to explain each slide  

7. each slide should be in point form

this is a detailed explanation of what needs to be done.

Each group presentation is to be about a marketing issue that consumers and society along with marketers are concerned about. It is to be supported with “Canadian” examples but the project is not to be about individual company strategy. It is about the bigger issues. Have a look at the Wall Street Journal and the Globe & Mail and other current event journals to get an idea of what going on. Some of my students focus on green trends, GMO, corporate social responsibility, marketing’s role in creating the perfect body image (which no one has, but (unnecessarily) aspire to). Issues like these.

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