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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

This dissertation for my Master degree and I really need something excellent as this is the first stage only and we will be working together for at least 3-4 months. So for now I just need to fill the Dissertation Registration Form and based on this form we will continue the journey.  


I need to write a dissertation is a ‘reasoned argument’ of approximately 15,000 words. It is not a ‘thesis’, the term used for extended research carried out for a doctorate, neither is it a ‘project’ or ‘long essay’. The dissertation does not, however, seek to provide the last word on the subject. I will be expected to work with `received information’ but I should aim to add something to the body of knowledge that already exists. I must, therefore, critically examine existing knowledge on my chosen subject. This will enable me to identify gaps where I can make my own contribution. There are two essential types of dissertation: literature reviews and empirical research.

Literature Review Dissertations are often referred to as focused syntheses. The aim is not to generate original or `primary’ data on a particular topic but to critically review existing literature and secondary data in order to reinterpret the material. The aim of a literature review is to develop a new angle on a body of research or theoretical debate. I  will be expected, therefore, to have read and used a substantial amount of the existing literature. For guidance on the composition and style of a focused synthesis you should consult review articles in journals and edited collections by established academics. The principal problems encountered in this type of dissertation are conducting a sufficiently comprehensive search of the literature and the development of a distinctive interpretation. Literature reviews should not be simply a regurgitation of an existing review.

Empirical Research Dissertations make use primary source materials generated by myself in addition to secondary materials. Data which I collect are analyzed and interpreted in the light of existing knowledge. Typically such dissertations involve the collection and procession of data gathered from human participants via surveys, interview or focus groups but it is possible to conduct primary research using archival sources – for example a review of historic court records – or media sources – for example a discourse analysis of crime fiction.

The key difference between dissertations and essays is that you decide what you are going to investigate and how.

Now this is Stage 1: This is the initial planning stage that culminates in submission of my Dissertation Registration Form.

·     Stage 2: This stage outlines the ethical requirements of academic research and culminates in my submission for formal ethical clearance to undertake research.

·   Stages 3&4: In this stage I will undertake my primary and secondary research, analyse my data and document my findings.

    Stage 5: Is the final stage in which I edit, proof and submit my final dissertation for assessment.

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