To devise a template to find strategies to make pupils of design and communication taking part in O-level exam obtain good grades.

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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

I teach o-level pupils Design and communication.

i would like a template in a tabular form explaining in details the strategies that can put in practice to make pupils succeed in design and communication with flying colors.


coursework 40%. if pupils does well, will surely get good grades/ manage time properly.


written paper. section A compulsory. will get chapters like orthographic/ isometric/development/sectional view/ planometric/ tangency.. 30 marks


section B choose 2 questions out of 4 questions… do the easiest one having chapter like , convey information/ rendering/polygons/oblique/ perspective and tangency. 25marks each question.


must take proper dimension/ read question well/ practice on a regular basis/ work out difficult question/ must be able to visualise 2D drawing into 3D drawing and not to omit details + show construction details


i will attach examiner report. check it and find solution for the the chapters students having huge problem.


A draft before deadline is important.

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