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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

  1. Install StarUML from
  2. Use the tools menu to install the following
    • Java code generation and reverse engineering
    • Linked Diagram Navigator
    • Relationship View
  3. Play with it a little
  4. Use the Java tool in the tools menu to ‘Reverse Code’ and import the classes form the homework
    • This looks at the Java code and creates the UML classes
  5. Now from the Model Explorer drag the classes into the Class Diagram. See what happens.
    1. Try to figure out how to add multiplicity to the links
    2. Find where the comments are kept
  6. Export a diagram and upload it to blackboard
  7. Now take your domain document and create a class diagram from it.
  8. Export the new diagram and upload it to blackboard

Draw class diagram for each file uploaded

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