“With respect to the law of contract and the law of tort, the Mauritian Civil Code is an undeniable source of reference for the educator” Analyse the above statement by referring to the application of the law of contract and the law of tort in the educational system.

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Posted on February 22, 2022


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additional notes: ✓ support your assignment with facts, examples and documents where applicable. content • a table of contents • list of acronyms • introduction • body including – content matter, findings, arguments & conclusion. • appendix • list of references please refer to the manual attached for references. law of tort :pg 56-91 law of contract: pg 28-55 please note that for law of tort in the manual attached it is in french language. you can translate it for better understanding. but the part of sentence you are going to take as references. write it in french in the assignment(just that part) and continue writing in english. thank you the assigment should be based on mauritian law (country: mauritius)

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