Work-based ethical reflection (MP)

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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

Important instructions (please pay particular attention to the instructions) – the rest will be emailed to you as an attachment- as it is unable to be downloaded on here

I am currently doing placement – so we will choose option two  – lots of hypotheses required with this assignment

Students will have to write the reflection essay on the above based on their experience: (1) if they have a job they can use that as their work “experience”. (2) if they have a placement that is not their usual workplace they can use that. (3) if they don’t have a job they can either do it on a previous work experience or (4) write an additional assignment that we set (an essay on ethics beyond the lab – see above). Ethics beyond the lab (points 1, 2 and 3) Part 1 (~450 – 500 words) Describe your work-based experience with a focus on the 50 hours that you are using as a basis for this assignment. Give a brief overview of the whole experience, then focus on describing aspects of your tole, tasks or experience that particularly relate to ethics within the workplace. Part 2 (~1000 words) The second part of this report should include a reflection on the ethics of the workplace in which you volunteered. Keep in mind the values and codes set out by the British Psychological Society and those noted by the Professional Body for HR and People Development. You are advised to structure your reflection (e.g. using a model of reflection) and to keep the description to a bare minimum, if included at all (note that necessary description should be included in part 1). Within your reflection, you should focus on your observations of behaviours of your colleagues, your line manager and reflection on your own behaviours. You may want to reflect upon experiences in line with other module topics (e.g., stress and wellbeing) within your reflective account. Your account should end with an action plan for development Ethics beyond the lab (point 4) As an aspiring psychologist/counsellor, reflect on your own behaviour in the workplace and whether this is in line with the British Psychological Society/British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. This piece of work should include self-reflection as well as evidence from the literature and references provided on Weblearn). A few key elements to note for this piece of coursework is to identify whether your professionalism ethos is in line with the codes set out by the organisation; if you feel it does not, then discuss formal strategies you should undertake to meet ethical codes set out. An additional element to include in this reflection essay is to consider the behaviours of your colleagues and the ethical culture in the workplace. The overall aim of this code is to provide a framework for guiding decision making for all psychologists/practitioners.

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