you are required to submit a research proposal which should subscribe to the essence of a Qualitative Research in the field of Education.

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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

The template of the research proposal should be organised as follows: –

 Your contact details (Name, course, module, phone, e-mail address) (2 Marks)

 A Table of Content (Major Subheadings) (5 Marks)

 Tentative Research Title (2 Marks)

 Topic (What the research is about?) (5 Marks)

 Background (Why have you chosen this topic of research? What is your motivation? Why is it important? Discuss the importance of the research to the organisation(s) involved. Your knowledge of this area/aspect. Reference to around three previous works like reports, research papers, newspaper articles, textbooks and theories. Brief description of the nature of the organisations/people involved) (20 Marks)

 The Problem Statement (5 Marks)

 Research Objectives (5 Marks)

 Research Questions (5 Marks)

 General Statements / Hypotheses (5 Marks)

 Literature Review (Reference to 3 academic journals relevant to your study, summarise and evaluate the literature and justify how your research can further advance understanding in that particular area) (10 Marks)

 Methodology (The Research Design, Who will be involved? How will you plan to collect data from them? Which sampling method you intend to use? Which qualitative methods / instruments you are planning to use and why? Limitations and delimitations of study, Ethical Issues, How to analyse and report data?) (25 Marks)

 Time Frame: Use of a Gantt chart (How will you complete the future dissertation during the time given to you? When are you planning to do what? State clearly the months and days) (5 Marks)

 Resources (List any resources you would need, including any special software or approach) (3 Marks)

 References (List the references. Use the Harvard referencing method) (3 Marks)

 You are required include a bibliography at the end of your assignment. In general, you are required to conform to the Harvard referencing style.

 Please note that plagiarism will be heavily penalised.

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