MTCS 3002 University of Arizona Snell Descartes Law Lab Report: Science Answers 2021

MTCS 3002 University of Arizona Snell Descartes Law Lab Report: Science Answers 2021

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MTCS 3002 University of Arizona Snell Descartes Law Lab Report

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MTCS3002 ? Engineering Science
Investigative Assignment ? AY2021
Title: Investigating the Refraction of Light
To verify Snell?s Law
Background: How does light bend?
Light travels at different speeds in different media. As light passes at an angle from
one medium to another, it changes direction at the boundary between the two
media. The index of refraction of a medium, n, is the ratio of the speed of light in a
vacuum, c, to its speed in the substance, v.

When light enters a medium with a higher index of refraction than the medium it is
leaving, it bends toward the normal. When light enters a medium with a lower index
of refraction than the medium it is leaving, it bends away from the normal. This
change of direction of light at the boundary of two media is called refraction.
For any light that is traveling from one medium of index of refraction 1 , at angle of
incidence 1 , to another medium of index of refraction 2 , Snell?s law of refraction
describes the angle of refraction, 2 , experienced by the light.
1 1 = 2 2
In this investigative assignment, you confirm Snell?s Law by taking simple
For this assignment, you are required to submit a report, containing the following:
? Title Page containing your name, student ID, department, and group ID.
? Table of contents
? Introduction
? Answers to all the review questions (from a to g).
? Conclusion
A well-presented report will earn you 5 marks in the total marks for this assessment.
You must submit a single pdf document on Moodle in the specified location to be
announced later. Consult with writing center at MTC on how to present your report.
Do Not Rewrite the Questions in Your Report.
Questions and Procedure
For this investigative assignment you will be using an online simulator know as PhET
from the University of Colorado Boulder, USA. Click on the link below to get to the
Once you get there, click on ?Intro?.
Part 1: Confirming Snell?s Law
a) When the simulator window opens, you should notice a laser pointing at a 45o
angle downwards to the right. Look to the right of the window and notice that
the two information boxes are explaining the mediums that are shown on the
What are the two mediums on the simulator window currently? (2 Marks)
b) Click on the RED button on the laser. Using a diagram (snapshot), what two things
does the light do as it hits the surface of the water? (3 Marks)
c) Change the material of the second medium (where the refracted ray is) to Glass
using the menu box on the bottom right.
Choose the protractor tool (at the bottom left corner of the screen) and place the
protractor over the vertical normal line so that the dotted line runs straight through
zero. Set the laser (click on it and move it when the green arrows appear) to an
angle of incidence 1 , at 30?. Recall: angles are always measured from the Normal.
Ignore the reflected ray (the ray that remains in air). Using the protractor, measure
the angle of refraction 2 , of the laser and record this in Table 1.
Repeat these steps for 5 more angles of incidence of your own choosing. Record
the results in Table 1.

Table 1
d) Calculate 1 , 2 and 2 for each of your results and add them to table 1.
Keep your results to 2 or 3 significant figures. (4 Marks for a table with correct
e) Compare the values for index of refraction of glass for each trial (values in last
column). Is there good agreement between them? Would you conclude that
index of refraction is a constant for a given medium? (2 Marks)
f) Showing your calculation steps, determine the average value and the standard
deviation value of 2 from your results in Table 1. What is the significance of the
standard deviation value with respect to the mean? Explain. (6 Marks)
g) Compare your calculated 2 with the given index of refraction of the glass (1.50).
Do they agree? Explain why it does or does not. (3 Marks)

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