Boston College Computer Science Question; Website Design homework solution

Boston College Computer Science Question; Website Design homework solution

Boston College Computer Science Question; Website Design Homework Solution

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Boston College Computer Science Question

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QUESTION 1: (20 points) In 1984, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Sony
was not responsible for any copyright infringements of its Betamax
customers. Yet in 2005, it ruled that Grokster and StreamCast were
responsible for the copyright infringements of those who used their peer-topeer networks. Explain the differences in the two situations that led the
Supreme Court to reach its respective verdicts/conclusions.
QUESTION 2: (30 points) In his article, “What is Computer Ethics”
(1985, Metaphilosophy, 16: 266-75), James Moor asserts that policy vacuums
exist with respect to computer and information technology usage because
either no policies exist or the policies that do exist are inadequate. Further,
since most computer operations are invisible, this “invisibility factor” often
leads to the intentional abuse of the invisible operations of a computer to
engage in unethical conduct. Thoroughly detail, dissect and discuss two
legislative actions or judicial decisions over the past 36 years that have
minimized or eliminated policy vacuums associated with intentional abuse in
each of the following areas we have explored to date: 1) intellectual property,
2) computer and network security, and 3) privacy.
QUESTION 3. (40 points) In March of 2005, a hacker posted instructions on
an online forum at Business Week’s website that showed business school
applicants how to access confidential admissions decisions weeks ahead of
schedule. Several dozen business schools’ records were compromised,
including those of Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University and Dartmouth
College. Many students used this knowledge to view their files and see if
they had been accepted. Students could see information about their own
applications, but could not view the status of other students’ applications. In
many cases, the students learned that no admission decision had yet been
made. As a consequence of this breech, the institutions denied admission to
the more than 100 applicants who accessed their files.
In a coherent analysis, determine the rightness or wrongness of the students’
actions from each of the four theoretical perspectives with which we have
been studying — Act Utilitarianism, Rule Utilitarianism, Kantianism and Social
Contract Theory. Be thorough and specific in your response and analyses.
BONUS QUESTION 1: (2 points) Identify and discuss two major
distinctions between spammers (direct e-mailers) versus direct mailers (print)
and legitimate telemarketers.
BONUS QUESTION 2: (2 points) Why are Cultural Relativism and Divine
Command Theory considered unsuitable frameworks for analyzing
issues/incidents in computing and information technology. Be specific and
thorough in your response.

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