Here are the rules that govern users on Studyhelp247

  1. When signing up for an account with us, tutors are expected to provide truthful information only. If a deviation is noted, the account will be automatically blocked.
  2. Strictly, communication between students and tutors should happen on our website only. As such, exchange of personal information between users is prohibited and any user who violates this will be banned from our platform.
  3. Students can download complete works of the assignments in the “Question Files” or the Workspace conversations section after a tutor uploads the same. Any issues with this should be communicated to the support team.
  4. When a tutor is awarded a question by a student, he/she should adhere to the deadlines indicated on the workspace. Any late deliveries qualifies 100% refund if a student closes the “processing” question.
  5. Study Help 24/7 has the rights to terminate our engagement with tutors if they fail to deliver work as per the agreement, or delivers plagiarized content or is inactive for more than 6 months.
  6. Writers should always ensure that they use relevant and verifiable sources for references. If students ask for the sources, the tutors must give all the source materials (including html pages). Failure to do so will be interpreted as a failed delivery and 100% refund will be accorded to the student.
  7. Payments (withdrawal of funds from personal accounts) are processed by the accounts support team manually on weekdays during working hours.
  8. Tutors should be ready to do any changes on documents as per the student instructions to ensure that the final document strictly follows the directions of the student.
  9. A 100% refund is accorded to the student if:
    • The tutor delivers the assignment past the deadline.
    • There are technical means of plagiarism deception (for example, the use of synonymizing or invisible characters).
    • The work has not been carried out for the correct topic set by the Student (if such is stated, then the Student is required to give an explanation and give specific examples).If students request refunds, the Support Team will look at the evidences submitted by both him/her and the tutor.

    Once a decision is made that a student should be refunded, communication will be made and monies will be refunded to the students account within 2 working days or to the original source (PayPal), within 10 days.

    Study Help 24/7 has a right to decline a Student’s request for a refund if he or she didn’t request any corrections, before demanding a refund. If the tutor is consistently online, and is ready to make corrections, the Student must request adjustments at least once.

  10. Study Help 24/7 is the final seller and is responsible all refunds to students.
  11. If there are any disputes about the quality of the assignment, all payments will be withheld until the dispute is resolved.
  12. Study Help 24/7 holds the right to use punitive measures on the tutors if they violate deadlines, have inconsistencies in the completed assignment, or do not follow the instructions provided by the Student.
  13. Tutors should confirm the start of work on the assignment within the shortest time possible.

By working on Study Help 24/7, you hereby confirm that you are bound by these rules.


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