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I am a have an advanced diploma in Journalism and I am currently finishing my Bachelor of Law. I have worked as an academic writer for many years and I am competent in many subjects.My main aim is to ensure I do the best I can to ensure I give students an excellent grade. I have a curious mind that loves to research and get to the bottom of things, which made me join journalism in the first place. As a law student, I have studied various law areas and have gained the necessary skills for being an academic writer on online platforms. I have helped students in various fields such as business law, marketing, accounting, finance, business management, history nursing, journalism, and other art subjects. I have excellent knowledge of Australian and British legal systems. During my studies, I learned how to perform research and elucidate the law.  As a professional academic online tutor for a few years, I handled a wide range of assignments requiring ILAC and IRAC methods. 

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