UC Firewalls so Important Within an IT Environment Discussion: Website Design Answers 2021

UC Firewalls so Important Within an IT Environment Discussion: Website Design Answers 2021

UC Firewalls so Important Within an IT Environment Discussion: Website Design Answers 2021

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UC Firewalls so Important Within an IT Environment Discussion

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1St Discussion:
Importance of firewall:
In simple terms, Firewall is a packet filter that prevents malicious contents from getting
inside our network, or prevents us from accesing a malicious site.A typical firewall is software
that can look at those packets read the protocols and decide if the packet will be allowed to
continue to the next step on the path between the “where they are coming from” and “where they
are going”.Network traffic is comprised of packets — there are typically many of them for any
given request like loading a web page. The packets contain information about where they are
coming from and where they are going and of course carry information such as the request for a
web page or the response (Dowd & McHenry, 1998). The exact format of the packets depends on
the type of software that is trying to communicate, but there are prescribed formats in various
Firewall types:
Different firewall software varies in how it looks at the packets and how you can tell it
about packets that you don’t want to traverse. The firewall on your computer for example should
look at packets coming to your computer from anywhere and decide if they are following all the
Firewall can divide into two categories- A firewall is a software utility or hardware device that
acts as a filter for data entering or leaving a network or computer.
Hardware: Basically the router is used for hardware firewalls but any other security product
can also use. Hardware firewall is placed between your PC and the outside world. Router and
Security device can connect more than one device at a time. It is a tangible product or devices
that secure system and PC from outer threads, viruses, malware and many more harmful
viruses (Graceful, 2018).
Software Firewall: Software firewall is an intangible product. Software Firewall is a program
and set of codes that install in computer or system. In case of attack software firewall hide open
ports and will deflect incoming attacks. Software Firewall also aware and warn from suspicious
outgoing traffic. When software firewall present in a system an attacker will have to cross two
level securities to access your PC and it’s too difficult for any attacker.
All firewall products do not check incoming code for signs of viruses and Trojan horses.
You will still need to implement hardware level security, operating system security, application
security, and concrete policies and procedures. Even if they are not 100% guaranteed, you still
need space to add additional levels of security to your enterprise data.
2nd Discussion:
A firewall is a shield that safeguards the IT infrastructures from unwanted access to and
from a private network and enhances the computer systems’ security and other devices connected
to the network via the internet. The firewall helps monitor network traffics and identifies and
blocks unwanted traffics that is suspicious according to the firewall set algorithms.
Importance of firewall within IT environment includes; monitoring network traffics. All
the data which emerges in and out of the computer systems poses possibilities of threat and
compromises the all-organization activities (Vacca, J. R. 2017). The firewall conducts
monitoring and analysing of all incoming network traffic and checks all according to the set
algorithms and keeps filtering all the systems and protect from unwanted.
Also, a firewall helps stop virus attacks since the virus is the main thing that shuts down
all the digital operations. However, a firewall helps control the entry points of the virus and stops
the virus from entering into the system. Without the firewall, the IT environment faces a lot of
losses depending on the types of viruses.
Also, a firewall stops spyware in any IT environment. There are many confidential data,
and the most significant thing is to stop the spyware from getting access and get into the system.
Since the IT environment is growing and becoming more complex and very robust, the entry
points of attacks can be utilized by attackers to access the company system (Oppliger, R. 1997).
Also, it makes the system vulnerable granting attackers exploit the system. However, the firewall
helps in protecting the organization from all the spyware.
There are different types of firewalls which include; Packet filtering, circuit-level
gateways, Stateful inspection firewalls, application-level gateway, software firewall, hardware
firewall, cloud firewall, and nets gen firewall.
Packet filtering is one of the oldest firewall architecture types used to create checkpoints
at a traffic router or switches (Jingyao, S., 2019). A firewall helps perform simple checks of the
data packets emerging through the router and inspects the data, including the destination and the
origin of the IP address. However, they are not used nowadays since its simple to bypass
compared to others.
Some of the concepts to be considered include the high availability firewall. When
updating firewall solutions, the concept to view assists in keeping the firewall solutions running
uninterrupted over a period, without failures and functioning problems. It implies that the
services have to sit running regardless of the time of updates.
Project: Securing a Microsoft Windows Environment
Windows Hardening Recommendations
As a security administrator for Always Fresh, you have been instructed to ensure that Windows authentication,
networking, and data access are hardened. This will help to provide a high level of security.
The following are issues to be addressed through hardening techniques:

Previous attempts to protect user accounts have resulted in users writing long passwords down and placing
them near their workstations. Users should not write down passwords or create passwords that attackers
could easily guess, such as words founds in the dictionary.
Every user, regardless of role, must have at least one unique user account. A user who operates in multiple
roles may have multiple unique user accounts. Users should use the account for its intended role only.
Anonymous users of the web server applications should only be able to access servers located in the
demilitarized zone (DMZ). No anonymous web application users should be able to access any protected
resources in the Always Fresh IT infrastructure.
To protect servers from attack, each server should authenticate connections based on the source computer
and user.
Create a summary report to management that describes a hardening technique that addresses each issue listed
above. Provide rationale for each selection.
Required Resources

Internet access
Course textbook
Submission Requirements

Format: Microsoft Word (or compatible)
Font: Times New Roman, size 12, double-space
Citation Style: APA
Length: 2 to 4 pages
Self-Assessment Checklist

I addressed all issues required for the summary report.
I created a well-developed and formatted report with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
I followed the submission guidelines.

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